"Apologize? What is this? Some stupid Chinese tradition? The winners have to apologize to losers? Well, if I had to do that, I'd be apologizing every day!"

Taylor "The Twister" Miller, is a British boxing champion that competes in fighting competitions.


Twister has brown eyes, and brown hair. When he's not fighting, he wears a black suit. When fighting, he has his shirt off, and he wears black boxing gloves.


Twister is very arrogant when fighting. He insults chinese, saying that they should stick to dancing. Twister calls people names too. The english, allow Twister to gain the advantage, giving him more arrogance.


Twister attacks aggressivly, and occasionally blocks against fast attacks. He also throws his opponent around, and taunts them.


Master Hung's students: Win

Army of Chinese Martial arts fighters: No Outcome (IP Man breaks it up)

Master Hung: Win (Kills him in doing so)

IP Man: Lose


  • His Chinese nickname is "Whirlwind" (龍捲風).


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