Ip man

The Legendary IP Man!

Ip Man is a martial arts teacher and teaches the style, Wing Chun


Ip Man has a black like cloak, and white pants. Sometimes when he is training, he has a white shirt on and black pants. His hair is black and his eyes are black. Also, on his black cloak, there is a thick white outline at the end of the sleeves.


Ip Man is described very calm. He wants his pupils to respect other masters. He can get quite agitated sometimes.


Ip Man fights using Wing Chun. He fights quickly, saying that the point of Wing Chun is to beat the opponent as quickly as you can.


Ip Man

Master Liu: Win

Master Jin: Win

10 Japenese fighters: Win

A Japanese unit: Win

Master Jin, and his group. (Tag with Wing Chun learners) Win

Miura: Win

Ip Man 2


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